The Light Solution is Proud to Support Care England - The Light Solution

The Light Solution is Proud to Support Care England

The Light Solution is a key supplier member of Care England

Supporting the elderly in care homes with the right lighting
Creating the right environment in care homes is crucial

The Light Solution is a proud supplier member of Care England, a registered charity and the leading representative body for independent care services in England.

Supplier members provide Care England with the ability to support their own members. The Light Solution is able to use our 20 years of expertise in the lighting industry to ensure lighting in care homes is maximised and suits the functionality required by the residents, whilst maintaining the required ambience of the area.

Our extensive product range includes a huge range of fluorescent and LED lighting products for use from leading manufacturers across the UK, Europe and globally. We also provide control gear and fittings for replacement lighting. Our in-depth knowledge across all of these lighting products has allowed our partners, like Care England, to benefit from technical, design-led advice for their lighting needs.

The importance of lighting design to support the needs of the elderly

Lighting is a fundamental requirement for any business, yet using the right type of lighting is often given a low priority. Unwittingly, this can have a dramatic and detrimental effect on an environment’s ambience, especially if the wrong product is installed.

In care homes for the elderly and similar facilities, correct lighting ensures that patients and caregivers feel safe and at ease and this can improve their mood and wellbeing. The care home environment is a commercial property but is one that needs to relax patients and feel homely but provide, extra light to support reading and activity areas. The sight deterioration of residents requires a brighter light than would be needed in a standard home.

According to Dementia Services Development Centre by “the time people are about 75 years old they need twice as much light as normal lighting standards recommend, and nearly four times as much as a 20 year old, in order to see satisfactorily”.

The right lighting products clearly need to be in place to support the different recreation activities.

At The Light Solution, we are experts at lighting design

The Light Solution understands the complexity of finding the right lighting solution to produce supportive environments for the elderly. By using the right lighting products correctly this can help our customers to create or maintain the right ambience and light levels in their care homes.

Helping care homes to address the challenges of age-related changes to eye health can be achieved by a proper assessment to determine which products are right for the environment. The team at The Light Solution can source the best products for the environment and provide a personalised approach to assessing the lighting needs of each care home.

Of course, when it comes to lighting in care homes, making the right provision for emergency lighting is a requirement by law. We can ensure care homes provide safe lighting in the case of an emergency by offering an extensive range of emergency lighting products and accessories.

By taking the time to understand your requirements, we can offer full project management and support your business in its design and lighting specifications at very competitive prices. We also work with trusted partners to provide UK wide support, in care homes across the country.

All of this is with the advantage of helping you change to low energy LED lighting products which can reduce energy costs by 65%. If your business focuses on the Return On Investment of all of its activities, then we can support you with your conversion to LED from traditional fluorescent and halogen products by helping to identify the best product for each area and producing a ROI report for the savings available.

This service is all delivered with excellence and we add quality in everything we do. Our customer service is industry leading and is supported by our ISO 9001 certification.

Learn more about how we can support your business and get in touch with one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members today to discuss the lighting requirements of your business.

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