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The Importance of Lighting

It’s a fact that lighting is a fundamental requirement for any business, and using the right type of lighting is, sadly, often given a low priority in a number of businesses. Unwittingly, this can have a dramatic effect on an environment’s ambience, if the wrong product is installed.

Lighting has a direct influence on our mood, with our eyes producing 80% of our sensory information. Therefore, it is key for any business to maximise their customer experience and good lighting should absolutely be part of the process to coerce increased productivity or revenue.

Poor lighting is rarely recognised as the reason why an environment feels uncomfortable or unwelcoming and, conversely, it is often the case that good lighting is not given the kudos it deserves, for creating the right ambience, having a direct impact on increasing revenue or productivity.

Here at The Light Solution we understand the importance and impact lighting has on a business. So, by helping you to get your lighting right, you could see the following effects;

  • Increases in the productivity rate – the use of cool white colour temperature lighting has been recognised as and aid to concentration, often keeping the workforce alert by using the bluer end of the white light spectrum.
  • Encourages relaxation – the use of the warmer colour temperature makes the customer feel more relaxed and receptive, meaning they are more likely to stay for longer, which increases their opportunity and propensity to spend.
  • Flexibility – we also recognise that a number of other factors can determine the type of lighting required, which is why we tailor our specification to each area of your business and strive to balance this with maximised energy savings.

Lighting can be instrumental in creating a brand identity – be that modern and flexible or traditional and reliable – it should complement the interior design and, by working with world leading manufacturers, we can offer products to suit all business types and budgets.