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Maximise your energy savings by converting to LED today

Maximising energy savings is an increasing concern as the world battles a growing population with a big appetite for energy which is predicted to rise, “by at least 50% by 2030”. The way that energy is consumed by lighting has changed dramatically with the introduction of LED’s over the last twenty years. However, don’t wait for more big changes in the industry – the key innovation has happened with a huge reduction in energy usage through the use of LED lighting.

The most attractive feature of LED for many business owners is the amount of energy that can be saved by moving from traditional light sources to LED, reducing energy bills. LED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. Fluorescent and incandescent light, the typical lightbulb that appears over someone’s head when they have a good idea, are quite inefficient with much of the energy wasted as heat. An LED bulb uses 2.5 watts to produce a light output of 115 lumens, while a traditional bulb uses 15 watts (or 6 times more energy!) to produce the same lumen output.

Running costs of standard halogen vs an LED alternative

One particular LED product, the Corn Lamp outshines some of the more traditional lighting products achieving over 34,000 lumens from 240W from the most powerful option in its range. This product is used in commercial, industrial and some large retail environments where the light needed is much brighter and needs to perform a different function than in a home.

The Advantages of Moving to LED

The other advantages of converting to LED are well-known. They increase the quality and distribution of light and LED lighting has a much longer life with a consistent colour rendering. This ensures that the lighting design put in place in your business performs as you intended throughout its life.

The range of LED products also available is huge. The Light Solution provides its customers with an extensive range of products and stock all major brands across an extensive lighting range, to meet the needs of customers from various industries.

The massive range of products can make it difficult to predict how to achieve the best results from your lighting design. The Light Solution is able to help overcome the enormity of this project by providing recommendations and advice. Read some of our case studies.

What’s the Future for LED?

Any future innovation in the lighting industry is likely to focus on its integration with Smart technologies. Business owners who make the move to LED lighting now, will literally gain the benefits of more energy saving and lower bills whilst helping to reduce their overall energy consumption – what more could you ask for!

Speak to one of the team about how to benefit from technical, design-led advice to ensure your lighting is maximised and suits the functionality required in your workplace or business.

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