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How Hospitality Lighting Changes The Mood

Hospitality is about providing a guest experience, creating an impression and ambience to entice your customer to visit and feel comfortable. Lighting affects every part of the hospitality business and it can impact our mood and our perception of a venue. It can also affect how comfortable we feel and even how much money we spend.

Using the right lighting product is crucial to maintaining atmosphere. The Light Solution understands the complexity of hospitality lighting plus the individual requirements of different business areas. We aim to support our customers to maintain or create the right ambience for their business and the individual areas within the business.

Energy saving lighting does not require compromise

The hospitality industry has unique requirements for lighting which can create challenges such as;

  • Flexible lighting for areas that are multifunctional
  • Long burning hours
  • Access issues – for ongoing maintenance
  • Environmental considerations
  • Budget control

The Light Solution staff are lighting professionals and work with each client to ensure the best product is recommended for each area and each client. All business is unique and therefore the lighting and its requirements will reflect this.

Reliable & Experienced

We have over 20 years experience supplying hospitality businesses and have worked with numerous businesses to support them with their lighting requirements, from lamp only supply, energy saving projects of various sizes, to working with interior designers for refurbishment projects.