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Energy Saving Lighting

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Energy Saving Support

Converting to energy saving technology can appear to be daunting as there are a number of options and with conversion to LED the wattage no longer gives a clear indication of the lighting levels; there is a choice of colour and we have all seen sites where the wrong product has been installed and the lighting is incorrect.

We hope to make converting to energy saving technology easy and as lighting professionals, we take pride in recommending the best product, considering lumen output, colour, lifetime and budget.  In addition, we support our customers further with energy saving audits and return on investment calculations.

Converting to LED has a number of benefits

  • LED is up to 80% more efficient than traditional forms of lighting.
  • Cost savings – although initially more expensive, the lamp would need to be replaced less frequently. These cost savings often cover the cost of the lamp without the additional saving of using less energy.
  • Reduced maintenance – due to the extended lifetime of the lamps, this reduces the number of times the lamp will need to be changed.
  • LED lights maintain their effectiveness for thousands of hours, unlike other energy saving technology which has a quicker reduction in light reduction.
  • Converting to LED lighting can make a positive difference in your environment as the quality of distribution is better than CFL technology and the lamps run cooler which improve the ambient temperature where the ceiling heights are a little lower.

Reliable & Experienced

The Light Solution has over 20 years of experience of working with companies and supporting their transition to energy saving, please view our case studies of Hilton Hotel St. Georges Park or the University of Northumbria which explain in greater detail how we can support you.