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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

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Why Use Emergency Lighting?

Emergency Lighting is a legal requirement to ensure that in an emergency, when the power fails, the means of escape can be easily identified and safely used by the occupants.  There are high demands to meet due to requirements of commercial business.  The main function of emergency lighting is safety, however, we can still offer stylish designs for those areas where aesthetics are important and offer a wide range of integrated solutions.

Extensive Range

The Light Solution offers an extensive range of emergency lighting products and accessories with the most popular being:

  • Luminaires – bulkheads, exit boxes – included suspended, spotlights and downlights.
  • Batteries – we offer an extensive range and keep large stocks
  • Invertors – from Philips, Liteplan, etc.
  • Replacement lamps
  • Remote emergency packs

The Emergency Lighting product range is constantly increasing with new, sleeker LED solutions for your business with a better lifespan/energy saving. Speak to us about the options available.